The Top 5 Benefits of Solar Energy

If you’re still even wondering why go solar? First, check out this article. So, now, when finally, you’ve read the previous article you know why it is important to go for solar energy. If you’ve not adopted it till now, you’ll definitely do it after reading this article. This article poses to you some of the major benefits of solar power and how effective it is to use it. Happy reading!

1. Environment- friendly

Sun is not going to die until 5 billion years, well as far as scientists predict it, so solar energy is not going to exhaust until then. It is not causing any pollution; it is not releasing any harmful gases or any radiation. It can be harnessed anywhere and from anywhere in the world, that too every day. So, this infiniteness is going to save us from the powerless era which we can certainly enter if we continue to use non-renewable resources.

2. Ease of installation

It can be installed anywhere. You can install it on the rooftops of your buildings, in your gardens and lawns. They can also be installed on the large areas available on the premises of the commercial industries. Moreover, you can install them in different orientations, angles, and even patchy shades. Once installed, for the next 25 years, sit back and enjoy the savings on the electricity bills due to solar panels. In the last decade alone, the prices of the installation fell by 60%.

3. Low maintenance cost

Generally, solar energy systems don’t require much maintenance. By keeping them relatively clean two times a year can do the job. Even if you feel that cleaning of them requires special care, you can employ specialized cleaning companies, they offer these services for nearly around $7.50 a panel for a one-storey home or $10 a panel for a two-storey home.

Most of the trustworthy and reliable manufacturers of solar panels offer at least a warranty of 20-25 years. Adding on, since there is not much hardware involved, so wear & tear due to machine parts is zero. Like your inverters for the batteries, you need to change the inverters of solar panels also every 5-10 years as there is a constant load of conversion of solar energy into electricity and heat. Besides this, only cables are left which require maintenance for maximum efficiency. Their cost can be calculated after covering the initial cost for the solar system which is a very little spending.

4. Cost-effective

Now, you just pay a fraction of the price of what you had paid 10 years ago for a commercial solar system. This not only improves the ROI but also allows you to install top quality brands that deliver increased performance, reliability, and longevity in an industry.

For example, if your solar panel payback period i.e. the total money you spent on buying and installations of the solar panels is 3 years, after that length of time, you can easily calculate your actual ROI on solar panels in terms of money by simply looking at your electricity bill (product of electricity usage and local electricity rates). If you monthly use 1500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity at a rate of $0.20 per kWh, then your bill amounts to $300 per month without solar. But, with solar installed (and after your payback period is over), each month your pocket is essentially up by $300. When this money is saved, it ends up being even more per month over time, as electricity rates historically rise as the years pass by.

5. Various Applications

Solar energy can be used for multiple purposes. Electricity can be generated (photovoltaics) or heat (solar thermal). Even areas with no access to the energy grid can also have installations of solar panels to produce electricity, regions with limited clean water supplies can have a distillation of water.

Most importantly, space has been using solar panels for all the satellites for so many years now. Electric vehicles are a second product that rides through the wave of solar energy adoption.

Materials used for buildings can also be integrated with solar energy. In the recent past, Sharp had introduced windows with transparent solar energy.


Basically, solar panels can save you from the many mishappenings and disadvantages of technology that are possible today. Not only it saves you from pollution, it saves you from radiation and harmful gases, but also saves your hard-earned money and precious, limited time which can be used in other useful and essential purposes.

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