Why Go Solar?

Always Clean Energy

Solar energy is one of the cleanest form of energy available 365 days. Installing a solar system at nay property is always a wise step in many ways.

Government Rebate Scheme

Australian government is supporting to eligible home and business owners to buy the solar system for their property, through small scale renewable energy scheme, under which government is paying some portion of the solar system, which makes it cost effective.

Low Maintenance

All the components of the solar system comes with long warranties and the products undergoes rigorous testing before they are ready to sell. This means that the property owners don’t need to spend much on the maintenance of these systems. Just a normal cleaning of the panels in every 3-4 months and a check by a licenced electrician once in a year, is more than enough.

Property market value

A good quality solar system helps out the owner to stand out from the crowd when it comes to sell or rent the property out. A real estate market study shows that it can add up to the market value by 1 -2%.

Protect the environment

In Australia, around 48% of the carbon footprints comes from the buildings, installing a right size solar system helps to reduce your portion of carbon emission, which eventually contributes to reduce the global issues like global warming.

Protect yourself from the rising power costs

After having the right solar system, the property owner can limit their dependency on the electricity provider. You will be producing your own energy rather than buying it all the times and selling the residual back to your energy company, this helps out to reduce the shocking power bills and fast return on investment.